Web Solutions



Our company offers quality web design services including:

  • Website creation, website design, unique and completely personalized (we do not use templates or open source solutions)
  • CMS presentation website development
  • Creating dynamic and interactive website, online booking platforms, social networks, portals and online booking systems for travel agencies, online booking websites for  transportation companies, hotels, etc..
  • Onpage seo optimization, website source code optimisation for all applications developed, which guarantees high rankings in search engines

Mobile App Solutions


We design and make exceptional mobile apps that guarantee to keep you satisfied.

IOT strength is in a team of highly specialized and focused mobile app developers who are well versed in multiple platforms including iOS (iPhone/ iPad), Android, BlackBerry & Windows. Our Company provides a holistic experience to you by combining design,development and integration of mobile app, be it in native or in cross platform technologies.

e-Shop & e-Catalogue

Have the ability to sell products online to your customers via payment gateways like JCC, PayPal, SagePay and Worldpay.

Attracting customers and converting these in to sales is not easy, and it is competitive no matter what market your in. Shape have the ability to research this competition and create a shopping experience that will make you stand out - essentially increasing awareness of your brand and making you sales & profit.

The most common time for mobile & tablet usage is when a user has a bit of “me” time. When they are waiting for their favourite show to start, or they are sat in a coffee shop. Because of this, most purchases on eCommerce websites are made via some form of mobile or tablet device.
We can create a shopping experience for these types of devices, that is seamless and easy without any confusion.